Showcases are an integral part of Green Holdings Events ("GHE"). During the day, GHE will provide the opportunity to up and coming musicians and bands from all over the country to join for live recording sessions while professional showcases will follow in the evenings. To seize this opportunity to enhance your career and perform in the presence of producers, concert and tour bookers, festival programmers, record labels, distributors, journalists and many other industry professionals, GHE is calling interested bands and musicians from all over the states to submit the enclosed registration form together with:

A press kit.
A minimum of one song.
A minimum of two photographs.

The GHE selection committee will decide on artists/groups to be invited for official showcase. Please note that GHE will only cover travel expenses and accommodation for a maximum number of days for each event. GHE provides you the stage with the equipment (basic backline) to perform and unprecedented promotion opportunities. So, when registering for showcase, do make sure you carefully think about financing of other costs involved (daily subsistence, additional accommodation, insurance, etc) and inform GHE about any support or funding you might have.

For further information, please contact GHE through

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